Review: Gonzo Original Supply – Super Slick (Limited Edition)

Review: Gonzo Original Supply – Super Slick (Limited Edition)

Scented with rose and tinted with red dye, the limited edition Gonzo Super Slick is like a romantic thriller movie that is only available to 4,000 customers worldwide.

Hold: Heavy hold
Finish: Medium shine
Style Guide: Enough weight to style a side part, contour, or low-profile pompadour
Hair Type: For the stubborn


Use Instructions

Work a small dab of pomade into your palms until evenly spread. Apply into dry hair and style as desired. Wet comb to re-style. Washes out easily. No shampoo required (keep lid close after use).

What’s New

This month, our Malaysian brothers, GØNZØ Øriginal Supply released a Limited Edition Super Slick pomade with the scent of “Kush Rose”. This sweet scent certainly makes a pleasant company around the clock.

Gonzo Super Slick had quite a reputation in the community. It’s a heavy hold gel-type water-based that is considered by many a superior pomade to others of its type.


How It Works

Scooping out this stuff is easy as you’d expect from a water-based pomade. Despite being sticky, combing and styling with this pomade is still easy–those who has more stubborn hair would greatly benefit from using this pomade. It also hardens up comfortably, so it still easy to restyle (and you do not need water to reactivate the pomade). For best results with strong hold pomades, we recommend getting your hair exactly the way you want it the first time.

Designed especially for Asian weather, it holds extremely well under Singapore’s afternoon sun and even during heavy activity. The pomade holds strong enough to last through the day, and even with such level of hold, the hair still feels light. Not surprisingly, it holds up well even after sweating, giving the user the confidence in the pomade. This pomade also won’t leaves too much of a shine in your hair; perfect if you’re just aiming for a natural shine.

Overall, you get a heavy-holding gel that challenges a lot of common traits found in products of this type. Most heavy gel-types are notorious for stripping life from your hair once you rinse them out. However this one won’t make you feel like it’s drying out your hair or tugging at the scalps. The pomade rinses out instantly with water and actually leaves your hair feeling pretty nice.

Remember, there’s only four thousand (4,000) tins available world wide—that’s how limited this rosy skull is. Luckily we still have them in stock, so order today and make limited edition Gonzo Super Slick pomade yours!






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