Review: Lockhart’s – Heavy Hold Pomade

Review: Lockhart’s – Heavy Hold Pomade

From Psychobilly Wedges and Raging Pompadours to Mohawks and Liberty Spikes, Lockhart’s Heavy Hold will get the job done.


Petroleum Based Pomade
Weight: 4 oz.

Hold: Heavy
Finish: Waxy, faint shine
Style Guide: Perfect for all styles
Hair Type: Anything that needs extra control

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Coco Vanilla / Barbershop


What They Say

Lockhart’s Heavy Hold is not for the faint of heart; it is a very heavy hold! Warming this pomade up in your hands is essential to properly distribute the pomade through your hair. Not nearly as difficult as most heavies on the market, however. Once in your hair, it will hold your hair in any style you desire! From psychobilly wedges and raging pompadours to Mohawks and liberty spikes, it’ll get the job done.


Our Experience

This pomade comes packaged in a black tin with a simple label on top. We love how Lockhart’s keep their packaging old school. After pulling off the lead, we saw a yellowish, waxy pomade.

Available in two scent variants: coco vanilla and barbershop. The coco vanilla scent is like a mix of coconut and vanilla – sweet and fragrant, with a hint of chocolate mint. Not surprising as coconut oil is listed as one of its ingredients. Meanwhile, the barbershop scent is that familiar whiff of barbershop talc—great if you’re reminiscing the 40’s era.

Despite its heaviness, scooping it out and applying it was not very hard. Even combing this stuff was surprisingly easy for how waxy it felt. We were able to get some nice firm height with Lockhart’s Heavy Pomade. Do not expect shine from this oil-based pomade though, as it’s very faint.

A lot of heavy pomade lack slickness, but we did not have this problem with Lockhart’s Heavy Pomade. Despite Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the hold is excellent and there were no stray hairs sticking out. Even the next day after a shower, the buildup still held up the hair pretty good.

We also enjoyed the sweet fragrant that stays for a few hours after application, which we find to be as pleasant as the smell of coffee in the morning. This strong oil-based pomade definitely gets our seal of approval to handle thick and curly hairs out there.


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