Review: Lone Star Pomade – Classic

Review: Lone Star Pomade – Classic

A classic among guys that could be a hit among ladies too! What’s with the flexible application and wonderful scent.

Hold: Medium
Finish: Leaves a great shine
Style Guide: For modern or retro looks
Hair Type: Does not discriminate

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We reviewed LSP – Super in the past, but we just realized that we never got to the classic. So here it is!

LSP – Classic is a water-based hair styling product that is designed to work under extreme humidity. It adds a ton of shine for a classy look and tames flyaways and keeps the hairline neat and clean. The pomade has thermal protection so aside from working in extreme weather, it works well with styling tools like flat irons and curling irons.

While LSP Classic a water based/soluble pomade, this stuff pulls out like a medium pomade does! Rolling it on the palm, it feels like gummy. This is what gives it the hold for both modern and old-school hairstyle. As for the shine, it’s not as much as a grease but it’s not a matte finish either.

The color of this pomade is almost the same as the container, you can almost peer into the bottom. It has a powdery fresh scent, slightly floral even. It’s got a very nice smell and one of the cleanest we’ve ever came across.

Lastly, this classic pomade is easy to wash out—too easy even, 10 seconds of getting your hair wet is probably all it takes to get it out from your hair! And it leaves the hair soft after the shower—just like using a conditioner. So yeah, this pomade could be more popular with the ladies. Luckily it’s not advertised, so let’s keep this beauty a secret among guys!

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