Review: Murray’s Nu Nile

Review: Murray’s Nu Nile

Use for parting, lifting and styling hard to manage hair. Great for waves, curls, bobbed and straight hair styles—perfect for creating the “wet” look.


Hair Style: Great for waves, curls, bobbed and straight hair styles
Hold: Medium-heavy
Shine: Just enough sheen to be called nice
Scent: Light lemon breeze
Washability: Can last you three days in the jungle

Use Directions:

This hair slick is perfect for creating the “wet” look. Use for parting, lifting and styling hard to manage hair. It provides shine and control for all day hold.

How It Works:

There are many reviews out there that mentioned Murray’s NuNile as a light pomade. In actuality, Murray’s NuNile is far from a light pomade. It has a medium-heavy hold, just a notch below Murray’s Superior Pomade that we reviewed recently.

Opening the tin can up, you can see the look of their Superior on the surface, just with a lighter color. It has a softer look to it as well, which is to be expected as it’s not quite as firm as the Superior. The tacky texture is actually damn near perfect when you work it around and on your palms. It’s a great pomade, with just the right amount of creaminess to it.

Applying it to your hair, you can feel the same resistance that you felt in your hands. It kind of tugs on your hair as you run your hands over and in your hair, but not as much as the Superior. While it’s not as light as people said, it’s still rather easy to work with.

When you get to combing it, you may be reminded of Superior quite a bit. I had to comb slowly for the first couple minutes. But once worked in properly, it become very easy to work with and soft to comb around. It’s weird how this oil-based pomade can take on a whole different texture! But I’m not complaining of being able to comb a full pomp nicely!

Murray’s NuNile is also not as greasy as its cousin, so it won’t leave a greasy film on your hair. But, it still has enough sheen to not leave you with a matte finish. So for most people, this product may be the perfect alternative to Murray’s Superior Pomade.

The smell of this one is rather complex. It has a close smell to their Superior pomade, but with a smell of citrus, followed by a floral finish. Unlike some pomades that get stronger or weaker once they are out of the tin, you don’t really get much of a difference in scent. This is a good thing, as it’s a rather cool scent coming from such a classic product.

One caveat is that Murray’s product is generally hard to wash. And it’s true for NuNile as well, although it’s not as persistent as the Superior. So don’t let this factor prevents you from enjoying this great product; you can simply let your conditioner and shampoo take care of it.

Overall, Murray’s clean approach is rarely seen nowadays. It keeps a sense of old school around for the younger generations to appreciate. Kudos to them for keeping it to the tradition since the 20’s! (Yes, Murray’s has been around for that long!)

Verdict: I am very pleased with this classic pomade. Once worked in, it combs really easily, has a great hold to it, and leaves a nice shine. Murray’s NuNile is worthy to be called the grandfather of all pomades, as it is one of the best pomades out there.

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