Review: Murray’s Superior Pomade

Review: Murray’s Superior Pomade

The original since 1926. Stylists worldwide praise Murray’s versatility and ability to create any style. Adds texture, shine and lift while holding the hair in place all day.

Our Review:

For us old school people, when you talk about a classic hair styling product, Murray’s Superior Pomade immediately comes to mind. Murray’s is one of the most widely recognised and used pomades in the world. As one of the hardest pomades available, it is used by film crews in Hollywood quite regularly. Rumor has it that Murray’s Superior is Elvis Presley’s pomade of choice back in his prime!

Since its inception in 1926, Murray’s has kept the same recipe for its Superior pomade. It only contains three ingredients: petrolatum, mineral oil, and perfume. Yes, you’ve heard that right—this stuff has gone totally unchanged for almost 90 years. Keeping it humble with only the essential ingredients explains the relatively low price tags compared to more modern products.

As for the branding and tin design, this is one of the most old-school looking products that are still available today. Much like its unchanging recipe, the classic metal tin design hasn’t really changed during its 87 years of existence, featuring old school letter type and illustration of Afro-lady and gent on its orange lid.

Opening the tin, we can see a yellowish, hard-looking pomade that is not unlike beeswax. It gives off a soft vanilla scent, which is not just pleasant, but can be strangely addictive. It is timeless and certainly have its classic appeal.

Note: If you’re into collecting tins, avoid placing it in bathrooms or other humid areas as it will rust.

Getting to the substance, how does this esteemed pomade perform? The first time you scoop some out from the tin, you may be struck with how unbelievably hard this stuff actually is. You will need to exert slightly more force to scoop this pomade out.

This is a pomade that requires a bit of practice and will get easier with use. It doesn’t flow through the hair like most modern pomades, although you should already know this when you spread it on your palms and have a feel of its classic consistency. But once you know how to apply it to your hair, your style will stay nice and firm throughout the day.

One important detail with Murray’s Superior is that unlike most pomades that tend to harden up as they dry, this pomade actually softens up slightly. It makes restyling a little easier than the initial application, so you can reach for the comb and sport different hairstyles in one application during the same day.

Shine-wise, you can get a pretty good gleam with Murray’s Superior Pomade. Considering its hardness, this is quite a pleasant surprise for those want slightly more than a matte shine.

Verdict: You really can’t beat the reputation or the cost of this simple but powerful product. It provides a super strong hold, has a nice shine and a decent scent to it. It is rather hard to wash though, so you probably wouldn’t use it everyday and want to keep softer alternatives. This is especially true if you are not used to the harder stuff. But it’s definitely one to go for on those days you need a nice, tight slick hair.


The History Behind the Product:

This is Murray’s Original Pomade with a vintage fragrance developed in the early 20’s. The tin features the artwork originally created for C.D. Murray in 1925 and copyrighted in 1926.

The Grandfather of all pomades. What more can we say. Petroleum. Tin. Staple. Cheap.


Use Directions:

Spread well on your palms and apply to your hair evenly. Comb your hair as you wish.

To remove the pomade, wash it out under the shower for a good 5–10 minutes, then rinse. Repeat if some remains. For a quicker result and smoother hair afterwards, use a conditioner.

The History Behind the Brand:

Mr. Murray, based his business on a simple principle. He believed that an honest product sold at a fair price would spell success. He began producing hair products out of his Chicago barber shop in 1925.

Harry Berlin, a Detroit area pharmacist, purchased Murray’s in 1959. Mr. Berlin who worked closely with the Murray family continued to promote the philosophy set forth by Mr. Murray in the 1920’s.

Murray’s has continued to grow by remaining true to these principles. Now an internationally known company, Murray’s distributes throughout the world, and Murray’s Original Hair Dressing Pomade is one of the most recognizable and best selling hair products of all time.

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