The Correct Way To Apply Pomade

The Correct Way To Apply Pomade

How much pomade is too much? Use the comb or one hand’s enough? Slick the tips or go all in and massage the scalp? These questions are simple but everlasting when it comes to putting pomade in one’s hair. Let’s break down the correct way to apply pomade and get the riddles out of the way.

Sheen perhaps?

When dealing with hair products, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why a little bit of trial and error will go a long way. If your hair happens to be a little on the dry side, try something like Uppercut Deluxe pomade. It can give a fair amount of sheen without appearing so wet.

On the flip side, if your waves happen to get a bit too hard and shiny (especially during the heat of summer), get a matte pomade like Suavecito Matt Pomade Want a little secret? Mix them together to get the perfect balance.


Damp it! Damp it!

There’s a common misconception among guys that the hair has to be totally dry prior to using pomade. Sure, you don’t want your hair to be overly wet as to not absorb any of the natural oils, but finding just the right amount of dampness to be malleable may be confusing for some. As a general rule, you want it to feel as if it’s only five to ten minutes from being dry.

Two Palms Together

We found that it is best to begin with just a teeny bit, and apply more as required. After all, it’s a lot easier to add pomade to your head than it is to remove it. Take a teaspoon’s worth of pomade on your pointer and middle finger and transfer it to your other hand. Rub your palms and fingers together—like washing your hand—until there’s an equal amount of goop coating your hands. You’ve just gotten yourself two ready-to-roll hair styling armaments.


Whichever Works For You

Some people may prefer sneaking from the back, while others go for the bangs. So long as the job gets done, it won’t matter. Utilizing both hands, massage the goop into your hair from both sides (as if they are shampoo). Spike your hair straight up for better access to your scalps. This is going to help you evenly distribute the pomade and prevent awful clumping of hairs.

Divide the Sea of Hairs

Using a comb (or your hands if you want a slightly messier look), proceed by parting your hair right above the temple. Coat a bit more pomade into the crease, working it into the shorter hairs down and the longer hairs up. Use as much pomade as you need to keep the striking new hairstyle intact until you finished whatever business you have out there.

Make It Wavy

The trick to a flowing hair that lavishly waves back and away from your face is mainly on lathering the sides of your head. Begin by slicking your side hairs back with as much pomade as you think you need. Next, comb the hair on the top part of your head to the side and end it by pushing your bangs straight back. It probably won’t be perfect at first, but don’t fret; practice makes perfect.


Do Look Back!

Now that everything looks great up front and on the sides, it’s time to look at the back! You can’t see it, but everyone else who’ve fallen behind can. Starting from the top, take just a tiny bit of pomade and pass your hands down the back of your head. There—now you’re ready to rock that 360 degrees video!

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