The Panic Room presents Kustom Kreeps True Fright

The Panic Room presents Kustom Kreeps True Fright

If there’s one thing that we pomadeheads do, it’s grabbin’ grease purely on the scent alone. The more unique the scent, the better! Well then, how about slapping on some root beer radness for your hair?

True Fright smells so much like a can of that good ol’ A&W that you will find yourself wanting to lick it off your fingers once you’re done running the sticky jam through your hair (unless you hate root beer, you weirdo). With this pomade, it’s not about the height of your pomp! Grab it when you feel like rockin’ an old school slick-back with an amazing shine that’s gonna slay sweeties left and right.

On top of all that, this sarsaparilla sweetness comes in a cool can with a label designed by the talented Nik Scarlett. Frankenstein’s all hyped up and ready for a graveyard smash at the monster mash, and his hair is harder than a terminal case of rigor mortis.

Come get some at The Panic Room, where it’s fright night every night. (SORRY, We no longer carry this pomade anymore... please dont angry)

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