The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Professional Hair Groom

The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Professional Hair Groom

Let’s get real for a minute. Once you start using pomades on the daily, your hair can and will take a beating if you don’t maintain it in the pink of health, feeling unpleasantly dry and brittle like a pile of dried leaves (or your ex-girlfriend’s heart). What’s a man to do? Well, for starters you could look into Lockhart’s Professional Hair Groom.

The Professional Hair Groom is an all-natural product that allows for versatile use. As the main ingredient is shea butter, you get a light buttery texture when scooping it out of the tub. This translates into the application and hold as well – the sponginess makes it great for low profile slick-backs and side-parts, with a natural stickiness that is clingier than your mum when you came home after two weeks of BMT confinement. Though the Hair Groom is not meant to provide a firm hold, it will keep your strays in place and your fringe out of your face through the day, giving a nice natural sheen that does not reach absurd oil-slick levels of shininess. Scent-wise it’s slightly woodsy and majorly citrusy, but nothing that reaches the heights of Goon Grease‘s lemon overdose; it has a fresh zestiness that tends to dissipate over the course of your day.

One interesting use is to mix it together with a hair product that hardens up, say a gel pomade like Imperial Gel. The oil-rich Hair Groom will prevent the gel from getting rock-hard immediately (which can be a real struggle for regular gel-users), allowing for greater control over your styling. This will also have the added effect of providing a longer-lasting shine, as gels tend to get matte like a carbon fiber car hood once they dry out.

The number of ingredients that count as hair food makes it ideal for use as leave-in conditioner; daily use of pomade can have a drying effect on your hair, which Hair Groom’s oils and lanolin will help to moisturise. It is great for use in pomade cocktails, for instance as a topper to add high shine to a heavy hold oil-based pomade – just a lil dab to coat the surface of your hairstyle and you’re good to go. Bearded bros can run a bit of Hair Groom through their beards to give a bit of control to stubborn hairs that stick out, conditioning your facial hair at the same time. The product can also be used on lazy mornings to reactivate your pomade buildup, especially something with a heavy wax base; what you do is add a tiny amount of Hair Groom to your hair and restyle. Sometimes life really is that simple, fellas.

Lockhart’s has got your hair grooming needs on lockdown, here at The Panic Room.

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