The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Water Based Hair Pomade

The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Water Based Hair Pomade

As hair products continue their growth in popularity amongst the dapper and the dandies, more varieties have been introduced to address issues associated with the pomades of yesteryear, such as poor washability and lack of hold. Gel-based pomades are a good compromise, with most offering a strong grip that can be rinsed off in the shower, the only drawback being that they harden up as they dry out. The holy grail of modern hairstyling then would be for a pomade to offer a firm hold that does not turn crispy and rock-hard, yet is easy to wash out at the end of the working day. That sounds impossible but dammit guys…

Lockhart’s Authentic Grooming Co. has done it.

Steve and Nichole Lockhart’s line of pomades have always been known for their consistency and high performance, but they were all oil-based products previously. While significantly better than classic oil-based products, Lockhart’s greases are not water soluble, which can be a deal-breaker for those unfamiliar with the concept of pomade buildup or prefer to clean their hair daily. After carrying out a series of science experiments in their home lab (please insert relevant Breaking Bad science quote here), the Lockharts have managed to formulate a pomade that combines the best of both worlds.

As Lockhart’s Water Based Hair Pomade fits smack dab in the middle of the Venn diagram where orthodox and unorthodox water-based pomades overlap, they have taken to calling it a paradox. We dig it! The pomade comes in the same tub as the Hair Groom, with a screw-on lid imprinted with the familiar Lockhart’s type. It feels like a hard sticky paste, with a white gloopy appearance that actually streaks through damp hair just like wax. One difference you can see immediately is that the product doesn’t settle into the container like a normal water-based product would; you get stiff peaks as if the damn thing was a meringue. This sticky-stiff quality translates into the hold as well – you can tell while rubbing it between your palms that it’s gonna be a strong one – with a nice grip that slicks your sides down and keeps your quiff up. The hold is not exactly on par with the toughest finger-breaking non-water soluble stuff but straddles the line between medium and firm. Since Lockhart’s pomade sets in your hair rather than hardening up all keropok-like, you can restyle it by wet-combing without fear of losing 50% of the hold, which is a problem for most water-based pomades.

We can’t forget about the scent, can we? No, seriously, we can’t forget the scent: a bit of bourbon, a pinch of vanilla, a hint of musk, then finish with something woodsy – BOOM! They call it “BourbonWood”, which is an appropriate name for such an intoxicating brew. The pomade is brewed with a little something extra as well – the Lockharts included cucumber fruit extract, a superfood that contains vitamin A, vitamin C, silica, and alkaline minerals that moisturise and strengthen your hair, keeping it soft and healthy.

Lockhart’s got the pomade game locked down tight, here at The Panic Room.

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