The Panic Room presents Lone Star Pomade – Super

The Panic Room presents Lone Star Pomade – Super

If you’re a pomade afficionado, you’re bound to have heard of Lone Star. They’ve been around for a few years now, with their trademark pomade that’s fresh, slick, and does the trick.

Think of the LSP Super as an upgrade of an old faithful, offering stronger hold and higher sheen over the classic version. After applying the gummy paste to your damp hair, you’ll have mad control and plenty of time to style your hairdo before it hardens up. You can rock a curvier, more bulbous pomp if that’s your thing, and your hair won’t take on weird angular shapes once it dries out over the course of your day, which can sometimes happen with other water-soluble products.

Like the classic version, LSP Super has a pleasant scent that’s reminiscent of barbershops and shampoo. It washes off easily at the end of the day, leaving you feeling so fresh, so clean.

Get yours at The Panic Room cos baby, you’re a lone star.

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