The Panic Room Presents Modern Pirate Heavy Hold Pomade

The Panic Room Presents Modern Pirate Heavy Hold Pomade

Modern Pirate Heavy Hold. Available at The Panic Room web store.It has been a long time since our last review of Modern Pirate, specifically the Matte Clay Paste review. Today we are back with another product from Modern Pirate, and the spotlight will be on Modern Pirate’s Heavy Hold pomade.

Modern Pirate is a brand from Melbourne, Australia with a men’s grooming range that includes barber-grade pomades formulated with quality natural ingredients. Their philosophy is “the rougher the seas the smoother the style”. I find it fitting with the topic at hand; sometimes you just need the extra hold to handle the waves.


How the Heavy Hold Pomade Works

The Heavy Hold pomade is a water-soluble pomade designed for those with harder-to-manage hairs. With a little more weight and tack than Modern Pirate’s Superior Pomade, this product will hold most styles firmly in place and provide a strong long-lasting hold with a light feel.

By adding a small amount of water, its flexibility and hold strength can be easily adjusted throughout the day. Extra-strong holds can be achieved using a generous amount of the pomade on dry hair, while looser lighter holds can be achieved by applying it to damp hair.

As the Heavy Hold pomade is a water-based product, you need only use water to rinse it out. The natural ingredients of Pomegranate Seed Extract and Vitamin E will enhance your scalp and hair health, making your hair silky and nourished after a wash.

We recommend Modern Pirate Heavy Hold for dudes who want to replicate the classic Australian hairstyle. No fuss, no muss when the pirate takes over.

Sail the seven seas in style with Modern Pirate, available at The Panic Room.

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