The Panic Room presents Modern Pirate Matte Clay Paste

The Panic Room presents Modern Pirate Matte Clay Paste

We are back with another review of Modern Pirate, this time with a look at one of The Panic Squad’s favourite styling tools, the versatile Matte Clay Paste. Modern Pirate is a brand from Melbourne with a men’s grooming range that includes barber grade pomades formulated with quality natural ingredients.

Modern Pirate - Matte Clay Paste

The Matte Clay Paste comes in a black tub festooned with eye-catching labels; pop the top off for a pleasant citrus and tobacco leaf scent. The clay paste offers a light-to-medium hold, depending on the application; running it through blow-dried hair gives the best results in terms of styling and strength. The clay paste will feel incredibly light as it provides volume without weighing your hair down, as well as a matte look that does not take away from your hair’s natural luster. In other words, do not expect a drier-than-dry look that you get with other matte-finish pomades – your luscious locks will look healthier than that. As the clay paste is a water soluble product, you need only use water to rinse it out; the natural ingredients kaolin clay, lemon peel and sunflower seed wax will leave your hair feeling silky and nourished after a wash. We recommend Modern Pirate Matte Clay Paste to chill dudes who prefer arty messier styles over well-groomed geometrical side-parts, or for occasions when a relaxed vibe is desired. No fuss, no muss when the pirate takes over.

Sail the seven seas in style with Modern Pirate, available at The Panic Room.

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