The Panic Room presents Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade

The Panic Room presents Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade

Modern Pirate are based in Melbourne, with a name inspired by the founder’s real-life pirate ancestor who once terrorised the waters of Wales. Their hair products are designated as ‘barber grade’ and formulated with quality ingredients. We love their logo and packaging design – suitably piratical but not a skull-and-crossbones cliche.

Modern Pirate - Superior Hair Pomade

The Superior Hair Pomade is a water-soluble pomade that is formulated to be non-irritating, which makes it heaven-sent if you have a sensitive scalp. The hold will vary from medium to firm, depending on your hair; for those blessed with fine hair, it will provide a strong hold, while the dudes rocking thicker hair will find it more of a medium-to-strong hold. In both instances, the pomade feels lighter than air, fitting in with Modern Pirate’s easy-going surf spirit. As with all water-based pomades, it does dry up once applied but fortunately does not have that nasty crunchy texture you would get from mainstream hair products. The pomade washes off easily with water, and does not leave hair feeling dry and lifeless afterwards. Compared to other brand pomades that share the coconut scent, Modern Pirate pomade possesses a subtler, more complex fragrance. We recommend Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade to guys who appreciate the finer details and quality natural ingredients that go into making a premium product.

The rougher the seas, the smoother the style at The Panic Room.

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