The Panic Room presents Murray’s Superior Products Co.

The Panic Room presents Murray’s Superior Products Co.

The OGs at Murray’s recently released a new line of products targeted at fans of water-soluble pomades. These guys have been selling their pomades since 1925 – your first can was probably a Murray’s Original – but we think it’s great that they are still innovating and releasing new stuff. They have graciously sent a care package to your friends here at The Panic Room, so we will be taking a look at four items from their barbershop line.

Think of the La-Em Straight Firm Hold Gel Pomade as a stronger version of Murray’s Edgewax. It feels dense when you’re scooping it out of the grey plastic jar, but it combs easily and offers plenty of control before firming up to deliver a strong hold. La-Em will give your hair a medium sheen for the first few hours, an uncommon feature for a gel pomade. The delicious root beer scent is a bonus and will make you want to order a Sarsi at lunch.

Grandpa Harry’s Total Control Hair Paste is a great addition to the Murray’s catalogue, offering great control over your hair when a modern look is desired. Since it’s a paste, it doesn’t harden or dry out in your hair, so there is an amazing amount of flexibility here for you to restyle your hairdo throughout the day. The scent is a treat, with an intriguing tang reminiscent of a tequila sunrise.

The D-Luxe Grooming Creme is the perfect product for a weekender or trip to the beach, with a coconut scent that will put you in a holiday mood. It’s a light cream that offers medium hold and enhances your hair’s natural texture. D-Luxe is comparable to Brylcreem in terms of texture but feels denser, therefore allowing more styling control. The cream will harden ever so slightly; you can use water to restyle if necessary, but it works best as a once-and-done deal.

Named after the founder of Murray’s, CD’s Shampoo completes the quartet. Although its main purpose is to wash off product residue, you will find it gentle enough for daily use. It produces a fair amount of lather and has a fresh honeyed scent that trumps supermarket shampoo.

Murray’s barbershop line akan datang to The Panic Room, so watch this space!

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