The Panic Room presents Prospectors Iron Ore Pomade

The Panic Room presents Prospectors Iron Ore Pomade

Prospectors recently added two new pomades to their line of hemp-enriched hair products. You can read our take on the Crude Oil non-water soluble pomade in another review, while we take care of business here with Iron Ore, the heavy version of Prospectors’ popular Gold Rush pomade.

The first thing that strikes you about Prospectors pomades is the vintage-style packaging that literally pops with embossing and tasteful colours. Iron Ore is no different, with the classic gold and black combination ticking all the right boxes, aesthetically. Just like the Gold Rush, there is a surprise waiting once you pop the lid off – you can see it in the main image on this page. Cool touch.

Once you have gotten over how amazing the can looks (we estimate one solid minute spent admiring it), you can start applying the pomade. What surprised us is that for a heavy hold pomade, it scoops out really soft before turning tacky between your palms. The pomade has the same scent as Gold Rush, a great fresh cologne with hints of sweetness. We recommend applying the pomade to damp hair – the Iron Ore is pretty damn sticky and you want to avoid the tugging that results from application to dry hair, unless you enjoy releasing fluid from tear glands* (*crying). It sets quickly, so you can be done with styling your hair in a jiffy. Make sure you get your side part right, cos you won’t be re-combing with Iron Ore in your hair – while it does not harden badly, it’s a water-based pomade after all, and wet-combing will lead to sadness.

Washing off will leave your hair feeling a tad bit drier than what you experience with Gold Rush, but rest assured that the hemp oil contained in every can of Prospectors will nourish your scalp and hair. Basically, if you enjoyed Gold Rush but felt it could be better in a firmer hold, you owe it to yourself to pick a can of Iron Ore up.

Better strike while the Iron is hot, here at The Panic Room.

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