The Panic Room presents Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold

The Panic Room presents Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold

The fine gentlemen from Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier in Rotterdam recently dropped Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold on barbershop fiends hungry for more products. The pink can joins their popular line of pomades with the now-famous pig logo, launched back in 2013.

Reuzel - Pink Heavy Hold Grease

You know what they say – the third time’s the charm. Unscrewing the pink can lid unleashes a whiff of subtle sweetness – this oil/wax combo carries a scent of strawberry bubblegum (yum!) that is subtle so that you won’t get a headache. Like the rest of its piggy buddies in the green and red cans, applying Reuzel Heavy is easy-peasy. It combs through hair like cream, but it gets heavy and stays heavy so you can style your pomp up hard with no problem at all.

This stuff will also lock in your strays and hold down your flyaways, making it ideal for days when you wanna rock that razor-faded side part. Don’t expect a slick sheen though, Reuzel Heavy is too laid-back for that – we would give it about two out of five It won’t give too much of a struggle when it’s time to wash off; just a couple of washes should be enough to do the trick.

Bring home the bacon, you’ve earned it at The Panic Room.

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