The Panic Room presents Shear Revival The One Who Knocks

The Panic Room presents Shear Revival The One Who Knocks

Shear Revival The One Who Knocks

Shear_Revival The One Who Knocks Pomade

Yes, this pomade is named after Walter White. Yes, this pomade is blue. And yes, this is awesome. With that out of the way, we promise not to make too many Breaking Bad references in this review, especially the ones involving science and female dogs.

So what business does a pomade have, being named after an errant chemistry teacher who becomes a drug kingpin and wears pork pie hats? Well you see, Zachary West of Shear Revival is a bit of a pop culture buff – a quick glance at the names of his other products confirm this – and The One Who Knocks is his way of paying homage to one of the best dramas of all time! One of the best dramas of all time!

See what we did there? Zachary West, Kanye West? Nevermind.

What you need to know is that TOWK is a medium-firm hold pomade that updates the traditional oil-based recipe with a bit of that Shear Revival magic. Instead of being greasy like a fast food kitchen floor, the pomade has a waxier base that scoops out hard, butterflying out of the jar as you use your thumbnail to dig it out. That wax breaks down pretty easily and becomes oilier when warmed up between your palms, but the grip is not to be underestimated – you will face a fair amount of tugging when applying it into your hair. Nothing crazy like Murray’s though – so need to keep tissue papers handy. It also smells better than Murray’s, with a complex blend of scents that we imagine would appeal to most men: oak, vanilla, and coffee, with a subtle shot of bourbon that comes through the longer you sniff it. The only way it could get any better is if it smelled of Walter Jr’s breakfast.

The need to restyle throughout the day is a given, seeing as how this does not harden up like water-soluble pomades, but that just comes with the greaser territory. Likewise, TOWK does not offer the same strength as Shear Revival Music Or Misery (which has a monstrous grip), but this medium hold pomade still packs enough of a punch to help you keep a stiff upper pomp. Washability is hilariously non-existent, with shampooing barely making a dent on the wax all up in your hair. This is a pomade that requires commitment! What you get is a product that just won’t quit, giving a dry waxy buildup that feels amazing, allowing you to use a lil dab of pomade to freshen up your hair before restyling.

Avoid opening doors and getting shot by being The One Who Knocks, here at The Panic Room.

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