The Panic Room presents The Daimon Barber No.4 Clay Pomade

The Panic Room presents The Daimon Barber No.4 Clay Pomade

It seems like The Daimon Barber can do no wrong with their hair products, with the No.4 Clay Pomade being another worthy addition to their line. As a clay, it’s one of the best that we’ve had the pleasure of trying, living up to their tagline “Smells like heaven, holds like hell”.

The No.4 Clay Pomade comes in the familiar Daimon Barber glass jar, this time with a gray label. Once again, they have outdone themselves with the scent on this, with a fig and frankincense blend that smells complex and mature like a cologne tinged with a bit of sweetness. The clay has a wetness that makes scooping it out a breeze – it’s like dipping your fingers in a gooey Nutella – but the creaminess turns grippy once you rub it in your palms. As long as you take care to apply small scoops to your hair, there will be no tugging or pulling; alternatively you can get it in your post-shower hair so that the dampness makes the pomade easier to apply.

Since this is clay after all, the expectation is that it would be used for messier, loose hairstyles. Finger-combing works especially well, with the ability to style in under a minute, but the clay is flexible enough that it is also possible to style with a fine-tooth comb if you’re aiming for a neater hairstyle. Even without the use of a hair-dryer, it is easy to get your quiff to reach Everest heights, with a lightness that feels like your hair is naked. Don’t be expecting any shine though – as with all clay products, this will give your hair a matte finish as it dries, but you already knew that!

All work and no clay makes Jack a dull boy, here at The Panic Room.

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