The Panic Room presents The Legends London Hair Gel

The Panic Room presents The Legends London Hair Gel


The Legends Barber Shop is a classic gentlemen’s respite in the heart of London, a throwback to halcyon days when men would drop in at the local barber’s for a wash and a shave before their night out on the town. Darius, the owner, possesses tonsorial skill and appreciation for the craft that has translated to his range of grooming products as well.

The Legends London - Maximum Hold Hair Gel  The Legends London - Maximum Hold Hair Gel

Designated as a ‘hair gel’, the flagship Legends London product is so much more than that, offering myriad looks depending on the application. Contained in the flat white plastic tub is 220ml (or slightly under 7.5 oz) of pink gloopy goodness, which you will see is plenty as you only need a small scoop for most styles. While the gel looks very wet, a quick rub between your palm changes the texture to something drier, but still applies easily to hair. You can use it to create a messy quiff with a matte finish by finger-combing a bit of the pomade through blow-dried hair, comb it through damp hair for a shiny slick-back look, or roughly muss it through hair tips for controlled spikes – anything is possible with the right technique.

The strength varies based on the amount of pomade, as well as the method used. It will provide the strongest grip when used on damp hair, drying out to a considerably firm hold that, while not quite up to par with pomades like Lone Star or Imperial Gel, manages to withstand the heat and humidity of our climate without leaving your hairstyle in a mess at the end of the day. Legends London hair gel has an uncommon scent is akin to strawberries or sour cherries; it is understated and will not clash with your cologne of choice.

Legends are not born, they are made at The Panic Room.

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