The Panic Room Presents Uppercut Deluxe

The Panic Room Presents Uppercut Deluxe


This Friday 14 Oct will be a historic day for The Panic Room as we celebrate our third anniversary of handsome-making. However, we have actually been keeping quiet about a part of the party which is also equally as important. If you’re observant enough, you might have noticed a third logo besides that of “The Barbershop Music” and “#GeylangTakeover” which we have yet to mention anything about. Today, it is with great honour that we reveal our latest partnership with Australia’s Uppercut Deluxe!

Uppercut Deluxe is an Australian-born brand which represents lifestyle, heritage and culture. Of course those are rather broad terms and if we were to pass them through a filter, we would be left with a residue of distinct subcultures that include custom cars, motorbikes, surf, skate, fashion, tattoo, art and music. The brand itself was built through the hard work of Luke Newman and Steve Purcell who wanted men to own high-quality grooming products that they could be proud of.

Now here’s the bit that you’re probably going to be interested in – a quick introduction to some of the Uppercut products that were made available at The Panic Room yesterday!



Uppercut’s entrance into the fray is unbelievably swift and packs a mean punch. They present to us a choice of 4 different pomades that cover both the water-based and petroleum-based categories. If you’re lost and can’t decide on which of Uppercut’s hair products to try first, then perhaps their Deluxe Pomade would be a good starting point. With its vanilla coconut smell, decently strong hold and medium shine finish, it’s no surprise that Deluxe Pomade remains as one of Uppercut’s game-winning blows.

From here on, it really depends on your mood and how you would like your hair to be styled that particular day. If you’re going for a free and easy look that’s looser and less restricted, then the medium-hold Featherweight would be your go-to pomade. If you want a strong and textured matt finish to your hair, then the petroleum-based Matt Clay would be great for that desired look. If you want your hair to remain intact even after you’ve skydived off a plane, Uppercut’s Monster Hold is something that you should definitely be considering.


Shower Essentials

Handsome is a multi-faceted concept. Even if you look you’ve spent hours in the bathroom trying to achieve that slick, handsome devil hairdo but go out smelling like you just crawled out of a Veolia truck, no sane person out there would be able to tolerate standing beside you, let alone associate you with the word ‘handsome’. Luckily for you, Uppercut Deluxe now provide shower essentials that will help ensure you smell handsome every day for the rest of your life. Both their shampoo and conditioner are formulated with natural ingredients such as licorice, chamomile, and panthenol which help to reduce oiliness, prevent dandruff and soothe your scalp. Good and healthy hair is the first step on the stairway to handsome and a failure to achieve this is an express ride down the highway to hideous.

Moving on, their soap bar is made out of goat’s milk and oatmeal. Goat’s milk is a natural moisturiser which will help to keep your skin smooth like C.R.E.A.M. Furthermore, if you’re burdened with skin conditions such as dry or sensitive skin, you can rest assure that Uppercut’s soap bar will not aggravate any of those conditions. Finally, as tempting as it may seem, the oatmeal component of the soap is not meant to be eaten so don’t even think about trying it. Instead, the oatmeal bit serves as a natural exfoliater that aids in removing dead skin from your body. Perfect for scrubbing off all the negativity in your lives!


Facial Series

Here at The Panic Room, we’re always telling our customers to invest in their own shower and facial products so they can stop using products from their girlfriends and moms. In all seriousness, which guy wants to walk out after a shower or shave smelling like a Victoria’s secret model? Uppercut offers a very simple solution to that problem – facial products that are low on fragrance but equally as effective at getting the job done. Their non-greasy Shave Cream contains eucalyptus and coconut oil which help nourish the skin and keep blemishes in check. As to be expected with any high quality shave creams, it is also effective at generating a rich lather which is integral for that close shave.

If you’re the kind of guy who prefers Uppercut’s no fuss approach to their Shave Cream, then there’s a high chance that you will also appreciate their Aftershave Moisturiser as the perfect way to wrap up that good shave. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what Uppercut’s Aftershave Moisturiser does. As you probably would have guessed, the product itself excels at moisturising dry skin, minimising oiliness and reduces the appearance of large pores on your skin. On top of what aftershaves normally do, Uppercut’s Aftershave Moisturiser one ups the competition by containing sunscreen elements that are capable of protecting your skin from the scorching sun.



Combs have always been essential in volumising pomps and directing the flow of traffic above your head into order to get that neat slickback. Uppercut’s combs are rather sturdy and were designed to create huge malibu waves when it comes to hair styling. Though it is relatively light in weight, the pocket comb doesn’t trade off any of that sturdiness despite its weight and is a trusty comb that you’ll want to carry around with you in case you need to restyle your hair during the day. For a cheap way to add more adrenaline in your lives, you can consider using the quiff roller to (quite literally) bring your hair to new heights. The quiff roller works best when you are blow drying your hair, adding pockets of air to your hair and thus allowing you to sculpt that wild and unrestrained look that’s perfect for a get down Friday.

We are extremely stoked about all the new Uppercut products that have landed in The Panic Room and can’t wait to let you experience just how good they feel. However, that’s not the end of the good news. As part of The Panic Room’s Third Anniversary Party this Friday (14 Oct), we will be hosting the soft launch of Uppercut Deluxe and it will feature the unveiling of their latest 2016 Christmas Gifting Range. Not something that you want to miss this October Geylang!

Can’t wait to get your hands on some Uppercut goodness? Their awesome products are currently available both at the barber shop itself as well as our web store. Come get some now!

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