Top 5 pomades 2015

Top 5 pomades 2015

Damages been done. We ran our hair with hair products everyday like its 1954. The verdict is finally out. We just wana deliver it out to the world. Here are the winners.


There was a huge anticipation for this one. And yes, the scumbags from schorem did not disappoint us. Indeed the Hollands finest pomade. We think the Reuzel Blue is a major upgrade from its predecessor the Reuzel Red.  It doesnt hard up as bad as Reuzel Red and it will hard up faster. Texture is great. Compared to the red, the blue is easier to work with.

Reuzel - Blue Strong Hold High Sheen Pomade

4. Bona fide Super “Superior” Hold 

Like Reuzel, Bona Fide pomade too had an upgrade. Not only more products like Bona fide Super “Superior”. They completely revamp the whole branding!! Effort and time guys. Take these guys seriously coz they gona rule the world.  I wont say its 100% better than the superior hold, because superior hold kicks ass for us too.  Their new products, fiber pomade and paste kicks as much ass coz they mantained their signature scent !! Mmmjjerrrrreaahhhh..

Bona Fide Pomade - Super Superior Hold Pomade

3. Gonzo Super Slick

We received tons of samples from Malaysia, but this one. This one is the keg!! And is made in japan. Thats savvy. The guys from gonzo make sure their formula is tighter than tight. The Gonzo Super Slick have been well received over here in Singapore. Bet its not just on our list of best pomades of 2015 . Watch out for the boys from gonzo. They have more up thier sleeves.

Gonzo Original Supply - Super Slick Pomade

2. The Daimon Barber Clay Pomade

Nothing bad can come out from the Daimon barber pomades. Trust us. Even other of their pomades doesnt hold for you, you will definitely like the scent of EVERY pomade that they made. And the Daimon Barber Clay pomade is no different. Yes, its clay. But it doesnt smell like one, it smells much better and it will hold. The best part is, it will NOT. i repeat. IT WILL NOT destroy your hair.  You can tell the Daimon Barber is putting a lot of effort in using all natural ingredients and making scent in all of their products the best ever. #truestory

The Daimon Barber - No.4 Clay Pomade

1. J S Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine

You probably guessed it. Yup. Still the best. We cannot use anymore words to describe how awesome this pomade is. We are very happy that J S Sloane is progressing with the rest of the independent pomade makers to launch more products. From the Lightweight pomade to the Caviar Matte Clay, all of their products have never failed to “awww” us. If you are a pomade lover and have not tried the Heavyweight pomade, well, we suggest you should.


JS Sloane - Heavyweight Brilliantine

JS Sloane - Heavyweight Brilliantine

Till the next top 5 pomades guys!! Enjoy.

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