Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold Review
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Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold Review

4 hours in the sun,i wasn't perspiring as much as i was using conventional water soluble pomades. Honestly the soft semi dry finish, works for me on a daily commute basis. Plus point for me is i dont need a shiny finish taking the train everyday. Easy hold is a little firmer than Featherweight, suitable for coarse hair.

 Compared to other conventional water based pomades, Easy Hold is a lot easier to apply as its creamy and easier to wash after applying it. This cream adds just enough texture and hold too be worth while. It leaves the hair light and re-workable all day. The scent is very warm and earthy. 

 You can re-comb my hair with a dry comb or brush during the day to restore the "first thing in the morning" fresh quality of the style, and the product cooperates well. A little of this stuff goes a long way before you need to buy another puck.

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