Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder Review

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder Review

We had a couple of styling powders coming in before Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder. Check out O'douds - Texture Powder  and JS Sloane - Texturizing Powder. We had no idea why these brands are coming out with these powders. Is it some kinda pre-styler ? standalone styler or post styler ? You know how it is. 

It comes in a bottled tin can, first of its kind. To be honest we are unsure how this would work out. But after hearing the feedback from our barbers and clients. The convenience is KING.


Uppercut Deluxe - Styling Powder


Uppercut Deluxe - Styling Powder


A couple of mixed review at first. In general geylang like it simple. Using it on dry hair, gave you that ultra lightweight just enough to keep your hair in check. Short that is. How short ? 




We thought it could be used only for cropped top hair do. BUT turns out after using the hairdryer Jon still managed to pull off a loose pomp.

(see how he did it here.)


Ultimately, it does give you a better spread throughout your hair. Its really great. Its not the strongest hold among the others, but the spread is one of the easiest. Best part spreading it through your hair is that you dont really have to worry about washing your hands after applying it on your hair. Comparing it to your conventional hair products, this takes the crown. 

Since it's so convenient to apply, many of our clients feedback that restyling the hair by applying some more of the styling powder is pretty dope too. It the process of not needing any water or even the mirror to restyle the hair. 



HOLD It does have it limits, if your hair is as long as Ed Sheeran, and there you go. The limit is Ed Sheeran. Thats where the styling powder will fail if you are going for Ed Sheeran look. For day to day in checks, it works great!
STYLES Various. The styling powder is really good for volumizing short hair and keeping the cropped top in check. You can use this on mid length hair too, but it does have its limits (HOLD), but you could always re-apply it.
SCENT NOPE, cant smelling nothing on this one.

Its a game changer, many of our clients switched to styling powder instantly for day to day use. No, we are not saying you should abandon your current pomades, paste or what nots, but its something you should really try. Come sample it at our barbershop in Geylang. Be sure to make an appointment if you are coming down for a haircut or shave. 

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