H35 Half Frame Camera

Ideal for a film beginner or anyone looking to reduce film costs, the half frame film camera will allow you to double up on your 35 mm film and yield double the photos. This camera features a built-in flash, a lightweight body, and comes in four nature-inspired colors, making it the perfect camera for travel or any social occasion.




you are already getting more shots in a roll of film

honestly what else can you ask for

its been the go to camera at the barbershop

coz we shot a lot of pictures daily

and honestly durability wise, 

besides the fun element, its all there.

attached are the sample pictures

shot on FOMA 400

below sample pictures from Kodak Ektar H35 shot on FOMA 200 

below sample pictures from Kodak Ektar H35 Fuji Superia Premium 400 

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