Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Lined Safety Razor Review

Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Lined Safety Razor Review

Today we’ll be reviewing the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor. As you may or may not know, Edwin Jagger is one of the leading companies that provides some of the finest handmade shaving accessories for men’s grooming. The company specializes in producing products dedicated to wet shaving.

It has a wide variety of safety razors and among its best ones is the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL. It has a classical design to it and features a classic close comb head. This safety razor is durable, has a well-balanced weight and has a high quality chrome plate finish.

The razor has been made with vertical lined grooves allowing for good grip while shaving providing excellent control and stability no matter how wet your hands may be. It is fitted with the latest precision Edwin Jagger DE blade head for that cleaner shave. This safety razor is also mild in terms of it being aggressive.

The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL has been quite receptive and has received great reviews from average to professional wet shavers.

Some of the good qualities of this particular safety shaver that have been mentioned are things like having a great finish. Those who have used this razor are quite impressed with its finish and find that it allows the razor to look good for a long period of time.

Another point of interest is that users have found that the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL has a solid built making it a the only razor they will need for years and years to come.

This safety razor has also been regarded highly due to its well-balanced head that it has been designed with, giving it a weight that is just right for any user. This is what makes it possible and easy to get a really nice close shave without the need to exert too much pressure, which pretty much protects men from getting unwanted cuts and razor bumps. This may very well be the best trait of the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor. I mean, what more can you want from a “safety” razor right?

At $60 a piece, the price of the 89LBL simply cannot be beat for the quality that it delivers in return. Not only that, but after paying that $60, if you keep your safety razor well maintained, you may not ever have to purchase another one ever again. Isn’t that awesome? I sure think so.

Besides all these positive points about this Edwin Jagger model, there are many other reasons why you would want to stick with the classic wet shaving as opposed to the modern wet shaving.

Firstly, the problem with the modern shaving equipment like those made by Schick or Gillette is that you’ll have to replace them quite often, which will obviously cost you down the line. If you were to stick to the traditional form of shaving, you could potentially by using one shaver for many years and would only have to change the blades every now and then, which are relatively cheap.

Secondly, sticking to one razor helps promote the “eco-friendly” movement by avoiding throwing away a whole lot of disposable razors every year. Go green!

Thirdly, the creams used for modern shaving are filled with chemicals that may prove to be harmful in the long run whereas the creams used in traditional shaving tend to be produced using natural ingredients.

Finally, shaving your beard with a classical wet shaver is probably going to provide you with the closest shave you’ll ever get. When shaving with one of these modern razors, you may have to shave everyday. However, if you were to shave with the traditional wet shaver like an Edwin Jagger style safety razor, then you wouldn’t have to shave again until the following week if not later!

Aside from all of the above-mentioned benefits of the classical wet shave, it has been said to give its users a relaxing experience, sort of like the feeling one gets while meditating. The shaver’s mind is completely focused on the shaving experience and is not distracted by any other thought.

The 89LBL provides its users with a very close and comfortable shave. It moves very smoothly across one’s face making it feel almost as though there is no blade removing hair from the face.

If all of this doesn’t encourage you to go out and get your hands on one of these, I don’t know what will!


If you are looking for that perfect wet shaving safety razor to get that close and smooth shave that lasts long and whose razor lasts even longer, then give the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor a try and get ready to have your high expectations met!

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