Review: Edwin Jagger – Premium Shaving Cream

Review: Edwin Jagger – Premium Shaving Cream

Containing no parabens or mineral oils, Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving creams are ideal for sensitive skin. A small amount is all it takes to generate a voluminous lather.


Product Highlights:

  • Contains no parabens (preservatives) or mineral oils
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Rich, special and concentrated formula
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Suits normal and sensitive skin types
  • Unique combination of ingredients enhanced by plant extracts
  • Creates a luxurious lather for a smooth, comfortable shave
  • Kind to skin and the environment


Use Instruction:

  1. Wet your face with warm water. For closer shave, you can use pre-shave lotion.
  2. Squeeze out a small amount of shaving cream onto your hand or into a shaving bowl. As it is concentrated, a little will go a long way.
  3. Using a shaving brush or your fingers, work up a rich lather.
  4. Apply with a brush or your fingers to the stubble. Use a circular motion.
  5. Shave gently. When shaving, use slow, short strokes. Move the razor in a “roots to tip” direction. Rinse the razor frequently.
  6. Apply your choice of “finish” – aftershave, moisturiser, etc.

When used with hot water and, ideally but not necessarily, a good quality shaving brush, even a small amount will produce a thick creamy lather. The combination of brush, hot water and natural ingredients will soften and lift the beard in preparation for the razor blade, and leave your facial skin feeling soft and supple.


Why Is It So Good and Popular?

Subtly fragranced rich, concentrated Edwin Jagger shaving cream is specially formulated using a unique combination of organic ingredients, enhanced by plant extracts, to create a luxurious lather for a smooth and comfortable shave.

Instead of mineral oils and synthetic substances used in inferior quality products, Edwin Jagger shaving creams comprises of 99.9% natural ingredients. Wherever possible, the natural ingredients have been obtained using energy efficient means. So not only is this cream the perfect choice for those who want to keep sensitive skin, clean and fresh after shaving, but it’s ethically produced too!

Due to it’s great quality, much less cream is needed for a shave. Only a small dab is required to produce a good thick lather with a rich strong base. Furthermore, it’s packaged in an extremely portable tube that makes it perfect for travelling. Highly recommended.



Which One Should I Buy?

Aloe Vera: Excellent for sensitive skin. A soothing, natural preparation for sensitive skin with natural delicate fragrance.

Limes and Pomegranate: Suits normal and sensitive skin types. A fresh citrus zest fragrance with a subtle end note of sweet pomegranate.

Sandalwood: Ideal for normal skin. Uses rare, precious essential oil fragrance. A sensuous woody aroma. Exotic peppery wood & spiciness.

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About Edwin Jagger:

Edwin Jagger specialise in hand-made traditional and contemporary shaving product designs using quality materials and finishes. Edwin Jagger have recently launched a new range of 99.9% natural ingredient shaving soaps and creams that have quickly gained a reputation for providing a smooth and comfortable shave.

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