Review: Gonzo Anti-friction Shave Gel

Review: Gonzo Anti-friction Shave Gel

Whatever you choose to use this shave gel for, your skin will be left feeling minty and refreshed!

Gonzo Shave Gel


  • Provides a close and extra comfortable shave every time
  • Non-foaming gel helps prevent micro cuts and irritations
  • Leaves a refreshing, minty feeling
  • Can be used as an aftershave and to stop bleeding
  • Proudly made in Malaysia

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Use Directions

First, dispense the clear gel onto your finger tips. Gently massage it on the area to be shaved and spread it evenly to form a thin coat on the skin. Start shaving with your trustworthy razor (not electric ones though) and once you’re finished, rinse with water and dry the skin with a towel. It can also be used as an aftershave and as a styptic to stop bleeding by minor cuts.


How It Works

Every man wants nothing more than the smooth and soft feel of a shave without undertaking any pain. Without sufficient lubrication, you will experience micro cuts when the razor glides past your skin.

Here’s where Original Gonzo’s anti-friction shave gel come to your aid. The clear non-foaming gel allows you to see where you are shaving so you won’t leave out single strands of hair. With improved razor glide from having enough lubrication, you won’t experience irritations or small, painful cuts anymore.

If you are too lazy to shower in the morning or just out of water, you can still apply this on your skin. You can use it as an after shave to disinfects and stops bleeding from minor cuts.

Verdict: The ultimate shaving companion for anyone, including the ladies (you can tell when your supply runs out faster than expected and she doesn’t object when you buy another bottle). Get Gonzo anti-friction gel so you can have a close and extra comfortable shave with refreshing, minty feeling every time!

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