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Today, we gonna talk about the Suavecito Pre-Shave Solution. Before delving right into that, let’s talk a bit about the reason why we would want to use a pre-shave oil before shaving anyway.

Using pre-shave oil is the first step in preparing your face for the perfect shave. It’s going to condition the skin, warm the skin and soften the beard. Pre-shave oils add an extra layer of protection between the skin and the blade as you shave. This is especially of importance to men who are concerned with razor bumps, in-grown hairs and razor burn.

The packaging that this product comes in is quite nice. It contains an eyedropper for the lid and it is in a little dark brown glass bottle. The look of this bottle is like those old medicine bottles that were being used during the 19th century. The bottle may be rather appealing to some. It has a small square, wrap around label on the front of it. On the label you can see the Suavecito signature name in their unique font and “pre-shave solution” right below it.

The background is of a grey colour like the all of their other products, and this particular one has a DE razor at the back of the name. If you look to the right of everything, you will notice is a little text regarding the solution and how it should be used. If you look to the left of everything, you’ll see their ingredient list and “made in USA.”

Once you take off the lid (i.e. the eye dropper) and pull it out the sweet fragrance of this oil hits your nose, which has a nice tea tree oil scent to it. It contains a tiny hint of aloe vera to it as well. The tea tree has not been over done, it’s rather balanced quite well in fact. This pre-shave oil has a light yellow colour, but is mostly clear though.

Having an eyedropper for a lid makes it quite convenient so as to not make a mess all over the place when you want to use it. This Suavecito shaving product is quite runny and if you put a bit on your fingers, you’ll notice that it runs all the way down to your palm. It also gets absorbed into your skin to a certain extent.

Although it’s runny this pre-shave oil is not at all slick like how you’d expect other oils to be. In fact, it’s more coarse, if you get what I’m trying to say. I do not have any other way to describe it; this oil just was not as smooth as olive oil is for instance. I’ve never tried one before so I would not know if this is typical or not.
Once you apply the oil to your face, just like with the hands it kind of soaks into the skin. So you won’t quite be able to see the oil on your skin, but it’s there alright. Your face will feel very smooth after applying the oil to it. So you can anticipate that it will do its job and make your shave a smoother and cleaner experience because it will allow your razor to glide better while shaving.

Once the oil is on, you proceed by lathering your face nicely and then move on to the actual shaving. You’ll notice right off the bat how smooth your shave is. You’ll really enjoy how much easier your razor glides across your face while you are shaving. This Suavecito pre-shave oil will really make your shave much nicer than it has been in previous occasions. Once you are done with the shaving session, you’ll notice how softer your face feels as compared to how it usually felt in the past.

If you have never used a pre-shave oil before, you may be very impressed with how well this thing works and makes your shave better.

If you are interested in trying out the Suavecito Pre-Shave Solution to experience a smoother shave, then be sure to check out where we provide men with all that they need for a complete shaving experience. We also provide a wide variety of men’s grooming products for beard, moustache and hair care from some of the best brands out on the market these days.

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