Suavecito Shaving Products Review

Suavecito Shaving Products Review

It appears that some cats out there have sampled every shave product on the market and many of them leave some guys a bit disappointed. Those that are loved and get rated well tend to be a sort of overpriced. It is no wonder that some guys get excited when they get their hands on the Suavecito line of shaving products, which are really high quality products but are sold at incredibly fair prices.

One may almost go as far as to say the price is far too low considering the products’ quality, and a person may get quite suspicious of that. But the products speak for themselves. Coupled with good shaving technique, these Suavecito products are gonna give you a wonderful shave without emptying your pockets.

Suavecito Pre-Shave Oil

The pre-shave oil is one of the best that has been tried by many dudes out there. The majority of pre-shave oils are found to be either too thick or too thin, but this one is able to strike a nice balance.

It is applied with ease on the face and provides an additional layer of protection between your face and the razor. It is also nice how this pre-shave oil comes with a dropper to let you to easily dispense just the perfect amount of product — a few drops is all you really require with any pre-shave oil honestly.

Suavecito Shaving Creme

The shaving cream is without a shadow of doubt the star of the Suavecito line of shaving products due to the fact that it offers exceptional lubrication in a traditional English-style shave cream. Although it does not appear to produce much of a lather when applied with the hands alone, tests with a proper shaving brush in the barbershop has been shown to produce a nice rich lather.

A brush is not really necessary since the product performs just as well as when it is produced without the fluffy lather. However some dudes are rather old school when it comes to their shave cream. So, yeah… this product is a rock solid shaving cream.

Suavecito Vanishing Creme

In a barbershop, you may notice that a lot of barbers tend to always use a mentholated vanishing cream after a clean shave in order to soothe the burn, as well as moisturize and cool the skin. Some of them may enjoy using products like Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream since it was actually one of the few such creams on the market during its time, so it is nice to see that the guys at Suavecito have included this in their product line-up as an alternative. After a nice clean shave, a little amount of this product is going to moisturize the skin while menthol and mint is going to aid in cooling the skin and close the pores.

Ask the old folks about bay rum — they probably remember this product quite fondly. It’s very old-school (and smells like it as well). I ain’t a big fan of bay rum, however for barbershop enthusiasts, this is definitely gonna make you happy.

The product aids in soothing and refreshing the skin and it has a small bite that will remind you of that old-school substance the barber would splash on your head after your haircut was completed. It is certainly going to clash with whatever fragrance you may be wearing by the way. However, if you desire that “just left the barbershop” smell on your face, this is definitely the product you need to get.

Final Thoughts

As was previously mentioned above, these are top-notch products at a price that rivals some of the brands sold in supermarkets. You could buy each of the Suavecito products separately, or you could also purchase a set for cheaper — you rarely find that sort of deal with most of the other brands of equal quality on the market.

Every single product in the set performs excellently and all of them have got that old-school barbershop scent (and the packaging is masculine and handsome as well). The aromas may put off some guys, but others will really like them — they may remind a guy of the smells in the barbershop their fathers used to take them to when they were children. Some guys may appreciate seeing modern companies bringing back some tradition, particularly when the formulations work as well as they do with the Suavecito products. Well done, Suavecito!

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