The Panic Room presents Brickell Smooth Brushless Shave Cream

The Panic Room presents Brickell Smooth Brushless Shave Cream

We are back with another review of Brickell Men’s Products, this time with a look at their Smooth Brushless Shave Cream. So far we have nothing but mad love for all products in their all-natural and mostly-organic range, but does this jar of minty-smelling cream meet the high standard set? You gotta read on to find out!

Like it says on the label, Brickell’s shave cream is smooth and brushless, making the application quite different from the usual shaving creams or soaps that you might be used to. Usually the way to prep your chin and whiskers is to use a brush to lift facial hairs before you start your shave, but since the shave cream is non-lathering and similar to a lotion, the hair-lifting motion is supplied by the glycerin contained in the product, which also helps to soften your hairs. The lotion is rich and thick, but the aloe vera content helps your skin to absorb it like your face is thirsty (like an Arabian guy leaving comments on a yoga chick’s Instagram), leaving a slick surface that makes it easy for your razor blade to glide over.

One drawback that we found is that it makes it slightly inconvenient when figuring out where you have already shaved and what is left for you to mow down, but if you concentrate on your shave, it will not pose much of a difficulty. In any case, the jojoba content will protect your skin from getting nicked or irritated, though that is easier said than done when recovering from a hangover – not judging lah, we’ve all been there before. We strongly recommend the Smooth Brushless Shave Cream for dudes who don’t have the time to mess around with lathering and shaving brushes and all that fidgety nonsense so early in the morning before their first cup of coffee. You know who you are, you know this is perfect for you, so come get some!

For a shave as smooth as you are, check Brickell out here at The Panic Room.

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