The Panic Room presents JS Sloane Shave Cream

The Panic Room presents JS Sloane Shave Cream

Other than their popular range of brilliantines, JS Sloane also offer a whole host of men’s grooming products to suit the needs of an active modern guy, from shower to shave to shoe polish. The folks behind the brand stand by their ideals of old school charm for the new breed of dapper gents, and each impeccably-packaged product is proof of that belief. We will be taking a look at their shave cream today; it is way too underrated for something that deserves more attention.

JS Sloane - Gentlemen's Shave Cream

Sitting pretty in their familiar amber jar, the JS Sloane shave cream comes pre-whipped so you can immediately load up your brush and start applying to your chin and whiskers, without having to lather it up in a mug first. The consistency is dense and creamy, assuring that your skin will have sufficient cushioning against the razor blade. In fact, some may find it a tad too thick; you may wish to dilute the cream with a splash of water so that the cream does not clog up your razor head after every pass. The addition of mint will leave your skin a-tingling, on top of the incredible smoothness – you will not be able to resist rubbing your cheeks every few minutes. You will find that a little goes a long way with this particular cream, so if you are careful not to overload your brush, the 8 oz jar will last you for a while.

Keep your chin in check with JS Sloane’s shave cream in effect, here at The Panic Room.

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