The Panic Room presents O’Douds Shave Cream

The Panic Room presents O’Douds Shave Cream

O’Douds is one of our favourite brands, with a complete range of men’s grooming products that runs the gamut from shaving to styling your hair, focusing on quality natural ingredients and clean minimalist branding. Their shave cream reflects this principle, with organic ingredients making up the recipe for this buttery spread.

If you have not used a non-foaming shave cream before, the application may feel slightly weird as the product does not seem to be working properly, the way shaving creams are supposed to behave. Remain calm, do not adjust your shaving cream: this is normal. The O’Douds shave creams are predominantly oil-based, so it will not lather up even when a brush is used; you can simply use your fingers to scoop a portion out and apply it directly to your whiskered mug. The shea butter, aloe and coconut oil will ensure an amazingly slick shave, allowing your razor to glide smoothly over your face, like a figure-skater gracefully moving on hairy ice – a most beautiful image.

The shave cream comes in two distinct scents: a sweet and refreshing Lavender, and a woodsy heady blend called Black Pine. If you are familiar with O’Douds pomade, you have a rough idea of the Black Pine fragrance, but the Lavender is a revelation, with a citrus tang cutting through the floral notes. Consider us the first in line if/when O’Douds releases a limited edition pomade with the lavender scent.

As the cream turns clear in its application, you may be tempted to use more, but we assure you that a little goes a long way. Just make sure that you thoroughly coat your face with the shave cream so that every inch of skin is cushioned. One slight disadvantage with using a non-foaming shave cream is that it may be hard to tell where you have shaved, and which area to rake your razor through next. This can be handled easily with practice, or paying closer attention to your shave. The shave cream is plenty slick enough that it negates the need for pre-shave oil, while the high nutritional content allows you to skip post-shave balms, keeping your face moisturised after you have washed all that shaving business off. Still, a splash of aftershave to seal the deal definitely does not hurt (unless you cut yourself shaving), so use ’em if you got ’em, boys.

Clear your doubts with O’Douds, here at The Panic Room.

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