The Panic Room presents The Bluebeards Revenge Shave

The Panic Room presents The Bluebeards Revenge Shave

The Bluebeards Revenge, one of our favourite brands from the UK, are famous for their cheeky humour in promoting their wide range of men’s grooming products. They’ve managed to bag FHM awards for two years running, for best product in 2013 and Brand Of The Year in 2014. It seems that these pirates will not drop anchor until world domination is in their hands, so what else can we do but take a look at a selection from The Bluebeards Revenge shave collection.

We start our shave ritual with the pre-shave oil. The Bluebeards Revenge pre-shave oil is thick and viscous, which serves the intended purpose of cushioning your skin, as well as helping to prevent nicks and cuts thanks to the smoother glide afforded by the slickness. In a pinch, the oil could work as a standalone product when prepping for a shave, which makes it an ideal addition to your travel dopp kit – save the shave cream for the bathroom sink at home, fellas.

Which isn’t to say that the shaving cream is no good – far from it! The lather on this cream is a beast, to say the least. We find that we really just need to scoop out an almond-sized portion to the bowl, before working our lather-matics with the Privateer Collection pure badger brush. The brush and cream are a dream combo, producing an incredible amount of thick and luscious lather with a bit of your elbow grease, which isn’t surprising as pure badger tips are usually on the coarser side. That coarseness is also ideal for exfoliating your skin and lifting the hairs to ensure a smoother shaving experience. It also helps that the shave cream has the signature scent that The Bluebeards Revenge is famous for.

If you’re looking to do a proper shave, we’d recommend upgrading your grooming ritual with a porcelain bowl for a touch of that old school class. It fits nicely your hands when you’re working up the cream and is big enough to hold enough lather for three passes of your razor.

For the shave proper, we loaded up the Scimitar razor with The Bluebeards Revenge’s own double-edged razor blade. The Scimitar is a standard three-piece with a solid build quality and a scalloped bar. We find that it looks similar to Edwin Jagger’s popular DE89 razor but feels a tad lighter; it’s still hefty enough that you won’t need to apply pressure like you would with a normal cartridge razor. The Scimitar has a medium aggressiveness so you require less strokes, which would work great for those of you with thicker beards.

We finish our shave with an excellent post-shave balm. It’s one of our favourites as it helps to soothe the skin after all that hair has been sloughed off, and it smells fantastic. Applying it is a breeze and you can almost feel it working its moisturising magic on your skin right away. Don’t overlook your post-shave ritual, fellas.

Shave away your beard blues with The Bluebeards Revenge, here at The Panic Room.