The Types of Razor (a.k.a. Why Shaving Razor is The Best) You Can Get

The Types of Razor (a.k.a. Why Shaving Razor is The Best) You Can Get

Making the switch to a straight razor from a safety razor can be daunting for first timers, but with a little practice, you can achieve a flawless shave with a straight razor, making it a truly rewarding experience. We think the first step for you to get there would be to know the variety of razors available and how to choose the best one for you.

The different categories of razors

Disposable safety razors

1. Disposable safety razors. These plastic razors can be found in all sort of stores. The protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin helps to reduce the skill needed for injury-free shaving. Unfortunately, they get clogged up easily, are just useful for a single shave, and leave behind a rough stubble.

2. Double edge razors. Double edge razors consist of a disposable blade (or cartridge) and a permanent handle. Nowadays they come in up to seven blades in a single cartridge to achieve a closer shave, but it will always be limited by the guard. They are rather inexpensive, though the cost of replacing the blade adds up in the long run.

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3. Electric razors. / foil shaver They are popular among men who are constantly on the move. Sometimes called dry razors, they can be used without shaving cream. Though electric razors are convenient, they are not as effective as a double edge razors in achieving a close shave. Some also complain of irritated skin after using them.

4. Disposable straight razors. Also called shavettes, these straight razors come with a replaceable blade. Shaving will require more finesse due to the thin razor blade, but they do not require any maintenance like stropping or honing. All you need to do is shave, change the blade, and you are ready to shave once again.

5. Straight razors. These consist of a permanent blade connected to a rotating handle. Straight razors give the closest shave possible because you can sharpen them with a strop or honing stone. Even though they require a bit of maintenance, straight razors will last for a very long time and may be the only razor you’ll ever need.

As barbers, straight razors are our preferred tools of trade. With a little practice, you too, can become an expert at using them. When buying a razor, you can’t go wrong with getting it from one of the manufacturers listed in our store. These companies are known for the quality of their shaving products, and most have been around for a while.

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