Classic shaves ? Not just for men 

Couldn't figure why aren’t wet-shaving popular among ladies, especially women with sensitive skin. I don't deny that it cost more at first, but the benefits of wet-shaving (classic shave) would definitely get your money’s worth. 

Gals, this Earth Day it would be a good time to start on wet-shaving since they (might be) are better for the environment. Let me break down the benefits of wet-shaving to you ladies:

Skin-friendly :
Initially, you would need some practice to get the angle right. It would feel like an ordinary shave once you get the hang of it. With a single and more exposed blade, it reduces trauma and irritation as there’s lesser pulling involved which make this the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

Helps lessen ingrown hair and bumps that we would some time get from cartridge razors.

Environment-Friendly :
Wet-shaving tools and products last a long time with proper maintenance. We would be reducing waste from being dumped in landfills as we are replacing cartridge heads, plastic disposable razors and packaging with long-lasting stainless steel razors and medical grade blades.

Wallet-friendly :
Although you would need to invest in the right tools before starting on your wet-shaving journey, changing safety razor blades is still cheaper than replacing disposable razors or cartridges continuously.

A pack of 5 blades cost just $1 and it should be able to last 3-5 shaves, depending how often we need to shave. You would definitely save quite a bit in a long run. 

Let me list out some of the tools you can consider if you wish to start on wet-shaving:

For women starting out on wet-shaving, I would usually recommend a butterfly or semi-slant safety razor.

1. Razor 

   Butterfly is easy to maintain as it’s one whole piece so you would not misplace any piece of the razor while leaving it to dry or storing it. 

  As for the semi-slant razor, it’s milder than the typical slant razor yet it has more cutting surface due the design.

Ultimately, there are more types of razors out there and you can see them here 

2. Soap,Cream or Gel

For a close shave with a reduced skin irritations experience:

Beginners can start with Proraso- Green Tea & Oatmeal Sensitive Shaving Soap, it’s easy to lather with a brush and is enriched with Green tea for an emollient and soothing effect. It has a slight citrus scent to it so it would be great for ladies who do not like overpowering scent. 

For ladies who prefer cream-like texture:

You can go for Doers of London-Shave Creamwhich has beneficial ingredients like Birch Extract to relieve inflammation and redness, it has grape seed oil which improves razor glide too. It has a slight menthol scent which gives a refreshing feeling after shave. 

You can choose to lather in hand or a brush, or simply just apply directly onto skin.

For women who prefer see where they are shaving,

I would recommend Etch - Taper Shave Gel as it contains witch hazel and aloe vera which calms skin irritations, it also has castor oil that helps with lubrication. However it has a strong peppermint scent which might not be appealing to some ladies. 

The other option would be American Crew- Precision Shaving Gel, it has simple ingredients such as Aloe Vera which works as a soothing agent while Tea Tree oil to protect your skin from irritation. It has a slight scent which makes this a great choice for women who are sensitive to fragrance. 


I would recommend synthetic brushes as they are easier to maintain in Singapore weather, you don’t have to worry about the brush smelling bad if it’s not dry thoroughly. 

The first option would be Oaken Lab - 24mm brush, the high quality bristle is firm yet soft to touch. It’s handle is thicker which makes it easy to hold as well.

The second option would be The Bluebeard Revenge - Doubloon Synthetic brush, this brush would be suitable for ladies who want a smaller brush. This is a vegan friendly brush too!

In conclusion, I would highly recommend women to try wet shaving but start slow, you can go for shaving gel or cream which you don’t need a brush to lather yet. Slowly integrate wet shaving into your lifestyle then invest more as you go!