_ AKID gallagher AMIR


for appointment/s book online or whatsapp 8228 9063 jangan hegehbogeh

i sometimes cut hair at the panic room sometimes i cut hair at 

my studio boy

by booking online you are booking at the barbershop in geylang but my studio also at geylang same same but lain lah

final look hair of the back and sides do not touch the ear 

*if the final look hair covers the ear and/or shoulder length please add long trim to the service 

all haircuts come with the optional use of any hair styling products available at the barbershop

the panic room is at 311a Geylang road singapore 389350 

my studio is 749A Geylang Rd #02-02 singapore 389655

$45   45 min

$45   45 min | new customer

$45   45 min (5-10YRS)

$40   45 min

$45   45 min

$85    90 min

$85    90 min

$45   45 min

$85   90 min

$85   90 min

$25   30 min

confused ? ar whatsapp us sudah 


for collabs and apa ke benda rntahs and what nots please dont hegeh bogeh just DM individual channel or channel 5