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⦿ low or no shine
⦿ medium hold
⦿ restyleable
⦿ hair length medium 
⦿ no comb needed

 A very  low maintanance haircut. A little military jazz. Short and sweet. Perfect for peeps who aight got the blues for bad hair days. Main focus is the fringe on the shorter side. By using the products, like styling powder etc you can use them to control the hold and shine and also how formal your hair looks. Its so simple. You be getting from the outta bed look to a semi formal look in no time. 

This hairstyle has the added benefit of requiring very little upkeep. As it grows out, it will stay in approximately the same style and proportionate length. That means that you don’t have to get maintenance cuts too often, but a touch-up every six to eight weeks will keep it in perfect shape.

If you are considering getting a short or long crop, definitely save a picture on your phone to take with you to the barbershop. Showing your stylist the exact haircut you want is always recommended, and the French crop haircut is no different. In the event that you forget to bookmark this page, just describe the cropped cut as a Caesar with a fringe.Consider the style of fringe you would like, as this is one of the most important factors in the French hairstyle. Blunt, ragged, and pointed fringes all produce unique looks, so ask your barber which one will be the most flattering for your face shape.



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