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ear cleaning
estimated  + -
book this if you are very sure you need it otherwise let us consult you before you hit the book appointment button

some of us really need to clean our ears intensively on a weekly or monthly basis

we just know it and the difference is a major note

many of our friends who are musically trained dig this

we have a device that can see deep in your ear hole

and your soul

we will show you how its like before we clean your ears and after

alas that tuning fork therapy will bounce you back in reality

we do have a strict waiting policy to make sure everyone gets their happy ending
so call us at 1800 GEY-LANG (439-5264) if you is lost or need help with directions or parking space

we dont judge
only judge can god you

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the RLD experience 
wash +style

whip out your phone

scan the QR code to download the booking app

and you can see the full list of services

and book your appointment now 

or in future

its not the best app in the world

but its what we can affod 

but most importantly

trust us

its easier to book on the app


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