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Ok lah 2020 not too bad. More online friends, hence more new products this year for your gifting needs. Check it out. Right about now.

This one, is for those like must everything same one. Abit like crazy but not the crazy type. What kind ar they call those typo people.

Honestly duno where we hantam the stats from. Basically its those kinda stuffs that are nice to give to other people one.

Those things can fit in our socks. Max size is size 12. You have ? Socks size 12 ?

Every year you make noise about it. Every year also you still buy something stupid. Arr, this year you buy from this list at least not so stupid. Dont stupid.

This one abit same like the crazy but not crazy type one. Buy things actually for friends but they want for themselves one, right ? crazy right ? Cannot anyhow say leh. 

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Give your friend or loved ones with beard that extra butter of love. Actually for yourself also okay one. No one is judging okay ?

For that friend who need to comb hair first to help the mother buy bread or milk downstairs his house.

Organically curated for those everything must recycle,  must reuse must organic must vegetable no meet no harar. Must all this all that. Arrr.. this one. 

This is old. This is gold. One's for the old soul to jive in the analog grooves.

For the women in our lives. We can never thank you enough. One love.

Last tam got go art school one.

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