scalp treatment +full hair wash +masssassshhh
estimated  + -
this is a very real service 

catered to those who take hair seriously

physically and spiritually

or at least as serious as we do when it comes to hair 

this was very personal service that we mastered with one another with warmth before we even list it on our service page

the love the science the tender loving care were all co-produced and engineered by us as a unit

whole lotta love and soul was engineered in to this delicate delicate service

you can definitely feel the difference after the first bite of the forbidden apple

indulge this with discipline and you will definitely be taking things with zenity and unity 

#deepcleansing #hairloss #ageing #sensitivescalptreatment #organic 

FOC full hair wash massage +basic facial worth $55 (for limited time only)

we do have a strict waiting policy to make sure everyone gets their happy ending
so call us at 1800 GEY-LANG (439-5264) if you is lost or need help with directions or parking space

we dont judge
only judge can god you

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