Hi Geylang,

Let's talk about Firsthand Clay Pomade today, I'm not paiseh (shy) to say that the Panicroom is an official distributor in Singapore so barbershop owners reading this, please come find us! Their focus is to make products with clean ingredients along with sustainable practices and all products are made in the US, in case anyone is particular about it.

But okay la when I sell a product it is never about hitting a target or getting commission out of it, it's the satisfaction I get after a customer comes back to tell me that the product works for him or her. I would usually do research on the ingredients of the different products so as to understand what would work and not work for the different customers.

Enough of the long-winded opening, so the question is who do i recommend Firsthand Clay Pomade to? 

Normally I would recommend it to three groups of customers.

The first group is people who are conscious or getting conscious about their hair and scalp health because Firsthand products generally have very beneficial ingredients, that one later we will talk about it.

The second group will be the ones who just started on their pomade journey, the reason being is the texture of this pomade is extremely easy to spread and does not tug your hair at all.

The third group are people who are in the pomade game for a while and want to try something new, why not change to something that's good for your hair right? 

Now, the ingredients part will explain why Firsthand Clay Pomade is so different from the rest.

When I first looking into the ingredients of this pomade, what caught my eyes were the different good oils they used such as:

Castor Oil: conditions the scalp and promote flexibility which in turn decreases hair breakage, might help customers who face dandruff issues as well

Apricot Oil: softens, moisturises the hair and scalp, in addition prevents moisture from evaporating from the hair

Grape Seed Oil: Add strength to hair and natural shine to hair, it also says that it promotes growth and prevents baldness!

Argan Oil: Reduces scalp inflammation and dandruff, rice in Vitamin E to nourish and detangle hair

So customers who have bought Firsthand Clay Pomade, you don't have to worry if you do feel some residue after washing. Those will be the good oils that are left on your hair! Not to mention, their product is free from paraben, synthetic fragrance, harmful sulfates, phthalates, harmful toxins and animal testings as well. 

I'm just wondering if there's any feedback from you people who have used firsthand products, feel free to let us know if the product works for you or you wish to know this brand better! Till next time, take care and stay safe! 

Signing off,