we know everyone tight right now and as we are too

so we set aside gifts with expert budget analysis from our expert finance officer friend

really go knock her socks off

meaningful and well thought of gifts for the badass and beautiful women in your life

new services 

we added new services on the list of the red light district experience

let your partner check them out while they wait for your #sweesweehaircut

classic manicure

we trim and shape your nails into shape followed lotion apply and surface level massage for culticle care 

for the bearded guy

cant blame a guy for punching another man for touching his beard.

but you can sue him. but next time ask first.
many men are ultra sensitive about their beard, afterall they grew it themselves
good news is if you happen to know those guys and you need to get them a gift, we got a thing of two for them 

that hair cannot touch one

we all have that one friend the hair must forever on-point forever combin thier hair forever cannot touch their hair, even with our clean hands

this collection is for them

we rounded up products inspired by people who love plants, nature and outdoors. AND yes, we have many friends who are botanist and we ourselves love plants.

these are our current favourites we cant get enough off