A timeless tool with a new design twist. This Folding Pocket Beard Comb is collapsible and easily pocketable to become an everyday part of your daily life. Your beard deserves to be well taken care of and attended to no matter where you are. This comb will easily style and condition your hair. It is stamped with the Premium Blends Logo on the handle and comes to you in a rich brown tortoiseshell color.

It has been proven that daily brushing or comb of your hair is beneficial to your hair’s health. It releases natural oils that your skin and hair need for nourishment. It will also help to detangle and teach your hair how you want it to lay. With daily maintenance, your beard will look it’s best with more a uniformed volume, a healthy luster and shaped exactly how you want it.


- easy to carry around
- helps spread beard oil
- can be used to lift pomp