4" long (when open)

Don't grow your moustache without it! The shocking story of adolescents experimenting with moustaches, complete with illustrations on the benefits of using these tiny weapons.

It's a sad but true fact that many young boys will one day experiment with facial hair. Regrettably, some will even allow the hair on their upper lip to grow wild and long into what is called a "mustache." For these boys, special consideration should be given to the grooming of the mustache so as not to let it become bushy and unkempt.

And let's not forget about the hirsute ladies who proudly sport their own upper lip plumage. They too should know the delights of a well-groomed "Nose Neighbor." And the Switchblade Mustache Comb is as convenient to carry in a purse as it is a pocket.

Each of these 4" long (when open), metal and plastic combs snap open with the push of a button and, if used regularly, can turn an adolescent mustache into something almost tolerable. Remember, an unruly mustache is the first step down a long, dark alley of hairy hooliganism.