De La Soul - The Grind Date [2LP]


Tracklist:A1 The Future 3:50A2 Verbal Clap 3:16A3 Much More 4:05A4 Shopping Bags (She Got From You) 3:57B1 The Grind Date 3:22B2 Church 5:33B3 It's Like That 4:37C1 He Comes 3:44C2 Days...



A1 The Future 3:50
A2 Verbal Clap 3:16
A3 Much More 4:05
A4 Shopping Bags (She Got From You) 3:57
B1 The Grind Date 3:22
B2 Church 5:33
B3 It's Like That 4:37

C1 He Comes 3:44
C2 Days Of Our Lives 3:51
C3 Come On Down 5:01
D1 No 4:34
D2 Rock Co.Kane Flow 3:05

The Grind Date is the seventh album from hip-hop group De La Soul, released on October 5, 2004. The album was originally intended to be the final album of the Art Official Intelligence (AOI) trilogy, but as the album quickly changed focus, the group decided to put AOI III on hold and finish The Grind Date as a stand-alone work.