Del Shannon - The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover [LP]


Tracklist:A1 Thinkin' It Over 2:47A2 Be My Friend 2:20A3 Silver Birch 2:59A4 I Think I Love You 4:09A5 River Cool 3:00A6 Colour Flashing Hair 3:40B1 Gemini 3:02B2 Runnin' On Back 3:30B3...



A1 Thinkin' It Over 2:47
A2 Be My Friend 2:20
A3 Silver Birch 2:59
A4 I Think I Love You 4:09
A5 River Cool 3:00
A6 Colour Flashing Hair 3:40
B1 Gemini 3:02
B2 Runnin' On Back 3:30
B3 Conquer 3:01
B4 Been So Long 2:54
B5 Magical Musical Box 3:13
B6 New Orleans (Mardi-Gras) 4:59

Musical album by Del Shannondel