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Funk Inc. - Chicken Lickin' [LP]




1. Chicken Lickin' 
2. Running Away 
3. They Trying To Get Me
4.The Better Half 
5. Let's Make Peace And Stop The War
6. Jung Bungo

If your not familiar with Funk Inc. then this is a great place to start. They were a mildly well known band of the early 70's that never made it big. They combine a phenomenal mix of jazz and funk to give you a sound which just makes you move. The sax is a constant and is as uplifting as any, while the synthesizer rocks the whole album.

While a lot of Jazz organists were trying to cross over into the realm of funk and soul, these were soul cats doing the Hammond B-3 thing. All of their albums bumped and grooved.

Highly recommended for everyone.