Layrite - Original Pomade,4.25oz



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Hair Styling | Pomade

120 g / 4.25oz

Layrite versatile Original Pomade provides excellent all-day hold for short, fine, or normal hair and can be used to create put-together or messy styles with a medium shine.

This traditional pomade has a mild vanilla fragrance and looks and feels like an extremely thick gel. It’s easy to spread in the palm of your hands, distributes easily through your hair, and is easy to style with your hands or a comb. The superior hold and medium shine are ideal for messy wet looks including textured crew cuts, fades, fauxhawks, quiffs, and spikes, or classic put-together styles including slick-backs, side parts, and low pomp’s. 

The hold and shine vary based on how damp your hair is when you apply it. Completely dry your hair for a higher hold and lower shine or towel dry your hair for a lower hold with a higher shine. 

You can restyle your hair throughout the day by running your hands or comb through water and then through your hair. Finally, and most importantly, Layrite Original Pomade is water-soluble and washes off your hands and out of your hair with just water.


Easy to apply and distribute through hair
Medium to high shine
Dries light and clean to keep your hair in place all day with a natural look
Never flakes
Washes out with water
Layrite signature Mild vanilla scent
      Rub a 10 cent coin size (SGD) of Layrite Original hold thoroughly between palms until product softens 
      Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired
      Drier the hair, the higher the hold, the more matte the finish
      Add more as needed
      Kaolin Clay. Waxes Naturally-Derived from Brazilian Palm Tree Leaves and Coal provide a natural structured finish.