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Layrite - Super Hold Pomade,4.25oz

Layrite - Super Hold Pomade,4.25oz


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Hair Styling | Pomade

120 g / 4.25oz

Stronger than the Original Layrite. Good for slicking, side parts, and pompadour. Similar to the Original in taste (just kidding) and smell, the Super Hold is a bona fide friend for all you greasers and slickers out there to be carrying around. It holds up really well and won't be so quick to soften up even in the tropical sun.

The hold and shine vary based on how damp your hair is when you apply it. 
Completely dry your hair for a higher hold and lower shine or towel dry your hair for a lower hold with a higher shine. You can restyle your hair throughout the day by running your hands or comb through water and then through your hair. Great for all styles that the original does, but with a stronger grip and higher elevation!

Oh and true to its tagline, it washes out like a gel given its water-soluble properties, though the smell still retains (we are not complaining at all).


High hold, grips hair so you can shape into the style you want
Medium Shine
Never flakes
Washes out with water
Layrite signature Mild vanilla scent
      Rub a 10 cent coin size (SGD) of Layrite Original hold thoroughly between palms until product softens 
      Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired
      Drier the hair, the higher the hold, the more matte the finish
      Add more as needed
      Conditioners Naturally-Derived from Coconut Oil + Castor Oil // Smooth the hair by going deep within the surface of the hair shaft to lock in moisture, providing lustre and shine while taming frizz.

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