Modern Pirate - Superior Styling Powder



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Hair Styling | Superior Styling Powder

50 ML / 10 GM

Made In Australia

Our White Pearl styling powder is a unique lightweight matte finish styling powder that will add volume and texture with an invisible stronghold. Perfect for everyday loose textured styles or added volume as a pre-styler under your favourite pomade.

Adds Volume And Texture
Matte Finish
Pre-styler Beneath Pomade
Great For Fine Or Thinning Hair
Pump-style Dispenser
    When working with our superior styling powder, ensure that you already have your hair styled and dry before applying. Start by sectioning your hair around the crown of your head or where you desire to lift and pump a small amount of powder from the bottle directly onto your roots. Repeat this process to multiple sections.

    This powder contains the ingredient silica silylate, which is responsible for the volumizing effect. And unlike silicones that leave a smooth, shiny finish on the hair, silica leaves the hair rough. With a matte look and gritty feel, silica bulks up the hair by increasing friction between the hair fibres. And as an added bonus, absorbs moisture, which means they’ll get rid of any excess oil that hinders the volume.